There’s no shortage of hiking trails along the north shore of Nova Scotia. In fact, there’s a hiking trail for every fitness level, from flat groomed trails to mountain hikes.

This week we explored Earltown Lakes and Portage Trail. OK, truth be told, we actually explored just the Earltown Lakes trail. By the time we got to the Portage Trail part we were ready to head back. Partly because we didn’t pre-plan very well and forgot to bring water with us! Keep in mind that this trail doesn’t loop around so the distance you hike in is the distance you also have to hike out.

The entrance to the trail is located right on Hwy 311 across from Alex MacDonald Rd. (Sugar Moon Farm road). You can find out how to get there here. The trail is hilly but not terribly so. You definitely don’t want to wear flip flops but a good pair of sneakers would be fine. If you’re quiet you might be able to spot some wildlife, we spooked a deer not far in. The trail is marked with little yellow tags to show you the way so you don’t have to worry about getting lost. If you’d like to stop and enjoy the scenery, there’s a nice bench on the edge of the first lake. We had a nice rest there to enjoy the fall colours before we carried on the rest of the way.

We really enjoyed our hike through the forest around these little lakes. Next time we will be sure to bring water and pack a light lunch so we can do the Portage Trail as well and make an afternoon of it! Our total hike, 6.4km, took us roughly an hour and a half.

Remember, if you do go, pack out whatever you pack in and leave no trace.

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